Old Skool Gamers - Rise of the Runelords - Pathfinder

A long walk...
It was a long but not unpleasant walk to Sandpoint. Apparently there was some type of event happening here, I really do not care much. The key to magical power lies in the mystery of the Thassolonians, of that I’m sure, and my research points to the ruins at the center of the Cathedral here to be one of the keys to unlocking it… That is my reasons for traveling here, not frivolity. I stable my mule and traveling gear, and secure a room for the few nights I will be in town. Goodness there are a lot of people here. The place is called the Rusty Dragon and they have food the likes of which I’ve never encountered, but people are eating it and not dying. But no place to sit… Except for the table in the corner with a strange looking fellow beckoning me to come over… My loyal companion Zook pronounces the stranger harmless and I make my way over… Zook has a sixth sense about people that I’ve learned to trust. He and I engage in some philosophical banter about the purpose of being, the creation of history and Legends. Its fun to indulge the less astute in debate the don’t even realize they are losing in. In the course of events we order a fish dish, that Zook pronounces edible. Somehow during the conversation this gentleman assumes he’s now my adventuring partner… As long as I get to investigate my Thassolonian artifacts, he can tag along I suppose. He’s engaging enough conversationally. Although I suspect he may have a slight drinking problem.

The next morn I head to the Cathedral, and on the way I find an intriguing book store that has some seriously curious and apparently authentic manuscripts concerning the Thassolonian’s. I will be back here when my purse is more full. The Bookstore keeper is a nice enough man and kindly allowed me to peruse his wares “carefully”. As I continue to make my way up the excessively long climb to the cathedral, my new companion Menlo catches up to me, and we engage in a bit of more inane banter about fortune and glory, and the use of tools. Once inside the Cathedral I found it abuzz with the preparation for feasting the next day… some type of grand opening. I get permission to examine the Thassolonian ruins at the center and am accompanied by an acolyte name Seth. He’s reasonably helpful and mostly just polite. He spouts on platitudes about Sarnae… as reasonable god as any to worship I suppose, but it does not assist me with my work. which is maddening. These runes make no discernible pattern I can divine. After several long hours of study I can reasonably state that my key does not lay here…

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