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In the small town of Sandpoint nothing noteworthy ever happens. It is simply a typical small town with a small natural harbor. The people are good and industrious. The nobles are not oppressive, and only rarely in residence anyway.

But recently that has changed. It began with grisly murders, burning of half the town, and a rash of suicides. But all has been quiet for past few years as the town rebuilt after its recent unpleasantness. Everybody thinks it’s all behind them. That everything is going back to normal. But that would make for a very boring story wouldn’t it?

Entering this setting are group of seemingly unconnected and normal folk. But fate has chosen the threads of those who will be forged into heroes. All that remains is to light the fire and ready the hammer.


The town guard seems to have gotten their act together during the fight at the cathedral, and the goblins in the local area have been driven off. The guards are pursuing them throughout the rest of the town. Mostly to the South and West. The group takes a short breather and sees to the safety of the locals and even pays the weapons dealer for the weapons they borrowed to perform their heroics.

Just as they begin to consider where else to dash off to, frantic barking and cries for help are heard from an otherwise quiet corner of the town. The group rushes off just in time to see a goblin in a pointy helmet and riding a mange-covered thing the size of a large dog slay a large brindle hound to the cheers of a group of goblins who had been hiding off to the side.

The courtyard in front of the White Deer inn is covered in blood both from the dog, and a slain horse with fancy tack. A very well dressed man cowers behind a rain barrel as the goblins whoop with glee.

A vicious fight ensues between the goblins and the group as they choose to rescue the distraught noble. In the aftermath, Aldern Foxglove praises their mighty heroics. Calling them a “shining beacon of hope and smiting fist of retribution in the dark night.” He seemed to be particularly impressed by the local boy Josh, who off the farm for a single day has already become a hero. An important contact made, he invites them to a boar hunt when things settle down a bit. Perhaps the day after tomorrow.

The next day, the group spends the morning and early afternoon interrogating goblin prisoners. There are a few facts that are clear.

  1. All five local goblin tribes took part in this raid, which they fully expected to succeed.
  2. The goal was to kill everyone and burn everything to the ground.
  3. There was inside help from a “longshanks” with pointy ears who arranged ladders to scale the walls and organized everything.

Frustrated by the idiocy of the goblins, who don’t seem to even know who sent them or why the group begins asking around town for pointy-eared folk. There turns out to be quite a few, including the local elven ranger who was last in town last month and isn’t expected back for another two months or so. Changing track, they decide to focus on where the ladders might have come from as they’re not of goblin manufacture.


The others in the group arrived in Sandpoint, just in time for the Swallowtail festival. There was much merriment, games, entertainment, and company of the opposite sex. Just as the festivities were to climax in the consecration ceremony for the cathedral, there were screams of terror and mayhem broke lose throughout the town.

Small figures darted too and fro slaying, looting, and gorging as they went. Singing and chanting and laughing in glee, goblins terrorized the newly fallen night. Where they came from, and why they’d attack the town after decades of peace is a big question without an answer.

But our small band of heroes banded together quickly to deal with the not-quite-unexpected chaos. Order was soon restored in the square before the cathedral and the citizenry began moving inside the stout stone structure for safety, while the mayor arrives and begins to organize a bucket brigade to fight the fires.

But the job of the newly minted heroes is not yet done. There are further screams and fires springing up elsewhere in the town.


The group moved off to the nearby screams for help. There, they discovered several goblins, a downed horse, and a nobleman hiding behind a rain barrel. The lead goblin was riding a dog-like creature with only scabrous tufts of hair here and there on its body and had obviously just slain the large brindled hound that had been with the noble and his horse. A double victory of great honor for the commando.

But his victory was short lived as the group rushed in and rescued Aldern Foxglove. The fight was short and vicious. Aldern watched with rapt attention and was quick to praise the groups efforts and heroics. He was particularly enthusiastic about Josh’s prowess, commenting that he had the makings of a mighty hero and his talents would be wasted as a mere guard. He just required the correct challenges and opportunities to let him raise up above the masses.

He promised to get in touch with the group again in a few days when everything had settled down a bit and said he’d take them boar hunting.


The next day was somewhat drippy, which was good for the smoldering fires the beasties had set. The group questioned goblins, discovering that they are true idiots, but that there was “inside help” from a pointy-eared lonshanks who wore grey. They also discovered that some rather peculiar ladders were used to climb the towns north eastern wall. Metal with hooks on the end.

Early the next day, the group was asked to investigate the a tomb in the towns boneyard that was open. Sheriff Hemlock accompanied them on their investigations, watching the group carefully. The astute among them could tell he was sizing them up.

As they descended, the group discovered animated skeletons. The power of Brotherman’s god and strong arms of his companions made short work of the skeletons. Muddy goblin footprints and a set of humanoid ones in soft boots descended and climbed from the depths. The only thing disturbed in the entire tomb of the caretakers was the final tomb of the last priest who died in the fire five years ago.

His remains had been removed, and care had been taken to befoul his resting place. His adoptive daughters urn was left undisturbed on the shelf next to the sarcophagus. Apparently, not of interest to whomever had done this.

Following the tracks, the group discovered that this group of goblins had been met at the wall by a human sized creature, but that person had not come with them from the woods beyond. This betrayer did however, accompany the goblins and their grizzly burden back from whence they came. The group lost the tracks and returned to town when they entered the ravenroost hills.

The next day dawned bright and warm. The perfect day to go boar hunting declared Aldern as he lead the group out to the tickwood. Provided with a huntmaster, a group of beaters, and given a crash course in how to fight boars with a boarspear, the group set off into the woods. Several hours later, they encountered a sow and piglets whom they let go on her way. Then a boar charged them from the scrub.

The beast never stood a chance and was quickly slain and hauled back to the edge of the woods where apparently, servants who had followed after had been busy. A pit had been dug, the chef dressed out the pig and prepared meals, while wine was opened and minstrels played in the background from beyond the treeline. A new song about the glorious light of heroism shining upon Josh the Mighty as he felled the final goblin commando.

They spent the day glamping and returned to town.


The next day, Dep was planning on heading out to find new ruins to further his researches when it occurred to him that there were ruins right here in Sandpoint that he’d not visited. The Old Light was Older than any recorded history. A tower of immense proportions, that was only still partially standing. He convinced the group to make their way over to there to check it out.

As they were preparing to go, a sobbing woman holding a baby and dragging along a young boy stopped her and Josh on the street. A goblin had been found in their home a block over, and had killed their dog, and bitten their son. Her husband was fighting the beastly creature right now. Could the heroes of Sandpoint please help?

The group arrived too late to save the womans husband, but they made very short work of the goblin. Searching, they found that the creature seemed to have hidden in the crawlspace under the home when the fight started going poorly. Sheriff Hemlock thanked the group for their efforts and acknowledged that a thorough sweep of the towns basements and crawlspaces was in order, but that would need to wait for more manpower.

Released to their own pursuits, the group again turned their attention to the Old Light and climbed the hill of debris. After climbing around a while, the group found that there was a sort of path that lead through the rubble up to the towers walls. Much time was spent examining the stones. Dep and the others finally discovered very faint runes of Thassalonian origin o each of the enormous stones. Runes indicating strength, endurance, resistance, and preservation bound up into some kind of complex, but mostly broken spell.

it was Josh who happened to notice that the stones weren’t broken. Very few showed any actual damage beyond the weathering. The rubble pile was more like a spilled box of legos than what one would expect from a collapsing tower. Beneath one enormous stone, the group discovered stairs that descend and began plotting how to move a twenty ton stone out of the way.

As they returned, a guard found them and introduced them Sheyelu, the elven ranger who has worked for Sandpoint as scout, and wandering troubleshooter for decades. She had tales to tell of increased goblin activities. Especially out in the valley between the Thistlewood and Mosswood. Right were Josh’s farm lies. Just yesterday, she had fought off a raiding band that burned down a farm. The goblin prisoners she questioned, then executed told tales of the raid and the longshanks who had killed so many of them. (Our heroes.) The group was deputized, offered a gold per day until the Sheriff returns from his trip to Magnimar. The plan is to retrieve more soldiers, sweep the town, then move on each goblin tribe in sufficient force to put them back int their place and make clear that attacking Sandpoint is a very bad idea.

He expects to be gone for at least a week, possibly more. The gorup is to be a visible presence whilst he’s gone.

No sooner does the group get onto the street, than they see Ven Vinder stalking across town. A look of impending death for someone on his face. The group caught up to him, Hap offering to hold the guy down so long as Ven promises no permanent solutions. As he pounded his way into the mills office, a figure darted out a side door further down the street and made its way at speed around the corner in a flash. Ven gave chase, and combined with losing the target of his wrath, the threat of jail time, and the offer of drinking instead, he agreed to go tie one on.

Meanwhile, Shaeliss Vinder caught Hap’s attention on the street and tried to summon him. He told her he’d meet her later by the Rusty Dragon. A couple hours and many drinks later, Hap made his way outside and met with her. She claimed there were rats in the general stores basement and she was afraid of rats. Could Hap pleeeeasse come and kill them? Hap agreed, but there were no rats. Just a little love-nest set up in the basement. He tried to resist her charms, but once started there was no stopping her.

Back at the Rusty Dragon, Sheyelu has dinner with the rest of the group, providing intel and insight into the local goblin tribes while Ven continues drinking. Eventually, he makes his way outside to attend to business, but gets it into his head to go home rather than return to the bar. Hap makes his escape, barely avoiding notice of Ven.

How will Shaeliss explain the love nest? What will her sister say? Will Ven even notice in his three sheets to the wind state?


Session was cancelled due to illness.


Back after a hiatus, most of the group decided to check out Junkers Beach to see if there were any clues about the goblin activities. Brother Mandrus volunteered for the rather unpleasant task and climbed down the rope to the filth-covered beach at the foot of the 80’ cliff. Bored with the careful pace of Brother Mandrus, Josh tossed rocks over the edge and eventually hit his companion on the head.

Meanwhile Menlo finally came down from his room and was immediately approached by Bethana, the cook / barkeep at the Rusty Dragon. She gave him a note she claimed to have found crumpled on the floor in Amikos chamber, and that she was nowhere to be found. She is worried for her friend and boss.

The note indicated Amikos’ brother Tsuto wanted her to meet him at the family glassworks at midnight. It said that their father had been involved with the goblin raid, and many other things. Menlo hunted up the group and they went to investigate the factory. They found it all sealed up, colored smokes coming from the chimneys. Several locals indicated that they’d seen nobody come or go for a couple of days, but that isn’t unusual when there’s a big project in the works. Fearing foul play, the group broke into the delivery entrance and began investigating.

Almost immediately, they encountered scenes of horror, and many goblins. The fist fight couldn’t have gone better as Dep put the majority to sleep with magic. The fight moved toward the front of the building and the group suffered heavy wounds, the worst by Brother Mandrus who was nearly killed and left unconscious. In all the fighting, one goblin escaped, running the long way down the front of the building and heading to the basement. As the group was taking stock of their wounds and about to head back onto the street to summon guards, the door to the basement burst open. There was Crescent the goblin and Tsuto.

The goblin didn’t make it a single step, but Tsuto moved about almost at will inflicting much damage on the already worn out group. The fight was going poorly, and the guard could be seen running down the street, but it was a sure thing they’d not arrive in time. Just as Tsuto was about to take out Dep, Josh managed to maneuver so that he couldn’t move, giving Menlo the opportunity to stab him in the back.

After accepting healing potions from the guard, the group descended to the basement to look for Amiko. They found her in a locked store room.

What more will they find as they investigate further?

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