Places in Sandpoint

  • 1 – Cathedral. The new cathedral is in the NE corner of Sandpoint, and is the very large stone building.
  • 10 – Garrison. Haunt of Sheriff Baylor Hemlock and all the town guard. This building has a basement level with cells and is built like a fortress.
  • 11 – Town Hall. Two-story stone building with a wooden shingle roof. Fine appointments and constructions. The NW corner office on the 2nd floor is Mayor Deverins.
  • 25 – Lumber Mill. The Lumber mill operates at all hours. Its owners are well known as extremely shrewd businessmen who save every bent penny they can and operate their business on the smallest overhead possible while still providing the lumber the Magnimar markets demand. Long hours, and low pay are the fate of their workers. Loud noises of the saws and splitters are the fate of their neighbors who have a suit pending with town hall to limit the mills hours of operation.

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